Good Design is
Always Good Business.

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Who We Are

Kraupp Inc. is a proudly American, multi-award winning, creative web design and development firm located in Idaho & Utah… and we do things a little bit differently.

We are committed to the idea that individuality and creative separation through an organized process and methodology is the only way to successfully promote a new business, a current business, or an organization. Simply put, we bring unique creative design, innovative technology, and proven organizational procedures together, to give you a bespoke design strategy and web presence for your business. Plus, using our uniquely integrated approach, your new website will deliver a unified and powerfully engaging experience for all of your audiences – enabling you to advertise and market with the style, flare and confidence of an established multi-national.

Our Philosophy

In the 21st century of technology and entrepreneurship, it is extremely important to merge exceptional user interface with user specific (applicable) information.

Your website should be something that you are proud of, and an extension of your traditional business practices. It should also be an enjoyable experience for your visitors and give them good reason to return.

With the speed and responsiveness of technology today, it is now impossible to separate the experience of web design from the impact of fluid web development.

We understand this intimate relationship and we use it to build responsive sites, ecommerce sites, CMS compatible sites, and even interactive media concepts that deliver memorable user experiences and encourage easy brand building.

Good Design is
Always Good Business.

Call us today at 208-520-5285 for a free consultation.

"Kraupp Inc. has a group of brilliant young minds with an eye for class and professional appearing web design. They are a pleasure to work with and we were thrilled with our result."

− Dr. Curtis Godfrey, Owner

"Kraupp Inc. has a keen eye for design, is always motivated and is constantly learning new techniques to please their clients."

− Michelle Ziel-Dingman, CEO

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An online presence can propel your company into a higher phase of growth and allow you to achieve your ultimate business goals – whether that’s selling online, getting your name globally recognized, or continuing to cement your market share for years to come by leveraging multiple brand touch points.

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